Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello internet!

 This will be my first post on our blog so I decide to start with the "right feet" as we say here in Brazil. Starting with the right feet means that we start something right, start something in a good way, so nothing better than starting with the day we went to watch the 6 hours of São Paulo endurance race. Well yeah, for those who don`t know yet I`m a huge car enthusiast and have been ever since I can remember, so that day was without questioning special for me!

You might be wondering how we got those VIP passes, well it all started with a instangram picture that Jessie took of the sunset in Santos and Fernando Rees, a brazilian race car driver, like it, coincidentally he was having a contest of the prettiest pictures of Brazil and Jess got the VIP passes as the prize! 
Amazing right?! Turns out he`s also a awesome person and a really nice guy!

Now for what you`re probably interested in, the fun stuff!

The race was based in Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, trust me it's a huge city... The race track is called Interlagos and is the home of some of the most prestigious races in the word, F1 for example. The event we went to offered not only the race but also a vast variety of attractions such as car expositions, souvenirs shops, live shows and a incredible amount of food options for a race. It did hurt our pockets, it is not cheap, at least if you want to have a good experience, it varies from around 35 dollars to up to 1000 dollars, yeah ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! Of course the more expensive tickets will get you complimentary food and drinks with a really nice view of the race; but where we sat,which was a reasonable location with a good view of the main straight was priced around 200 dollars, and that is definitely not cheap. 
Since we didn't have to worry about the prices (YEAH VIP!!!) we just sat and enjoyed our time together! It was a great weekend, we made good friends, and also got to watch everything in a way that most people could not normally do without spending a fortune! So some advice, check out instagram competitions, they are awesome! 

Thank you to anyone that might be reading this, I enjoyed writing my first post on our blog and will definitely be posting more as soon as I can!

Keep blogging people!


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