Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hotel Mercedes

In honor of "throw back Thursday" we wanted to post our review and some information about one of our favorite hotels with maybe more throwback Thursday posts to come in the following weeks to highlight some more hotel or excursion reviews from past trips.

Today we want to highlight the Hotel Mercedes in Ilhabela, Brazil.

(Taken with iPhone 5 in the rain)
xo Jessica

Hotel Mercedes is a beautiful, 4-star hotel on the northern side of the main island of Ilhabela. Featuring exposed stone walls on the inside as you wind your way up staircases that make you feel like you are in a castle, Hotel Mercedes will shock you at every turn. From the outside it appears to be quite small and just a plain white mansion type building but upon entering you are greeted with a modern reception area that leads way to all of the hidden surprises that the hotel has in store for its guests. A large garden with a waterfall winds its way in between the buildings that make up Hotel Mercedes making the walk to the room even more enjoyable. The gardens are filled with life during the day and the sound of both the ocean and the waterfalls at night will put anyone at east.
 (Taken with iPhone 5 in the rain)
Their private pool is situated next to the ocean and features a large lounging area and outdoor mini-restaurant that, while we were staying, would serve a soup buffet throughout the night for its guest for less than US$6 per person. As if we couldn't love this hotel more, almost all of their rooms have a view whether it is of the garden, the vast ocean, or both you can't lose when staying here.
We were very fortunate that when we checked in we were upgraded to a VIP room for our anniversary as a special surprise from the hotel. Already excited by just the upgrade what we didn't realize was that they had upgraded us to their top room which offered a private entrance, views of the garden and ocean, a private terrace, and a large room with a very spacious bathroom.
VIP Suite (taken from Hotel Mercedes Website)
Needless to say it was luxurious and absolutely amazing. Since the weather wasn't great we spent a lot of time at our hotel and we, to this day, have nothing but praise for the hotel and the staff. The soup buffets were perfect given the rainy, cold weather and the staff did everything they could to make our stay comfortable including ordering us pizza and bringing us a full set up to eat with on our personal terrace.

Hotel Mercedes is an excellent hotel on Ilhabela for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation with great amenities. Although it may not be anything like the luxury hotels in other places, the uniqueness of this property, their commitment to making our stay as wonderful as it can be, and all of the amenities offered in such a great location make Hotel Mercedes one that we will be going back to on future stays in Ilhabela.

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Av. Leonardo Reali, 2222 - Praia do Viana - Ilhabela/SP
Price per night: Starting at $105/night (weeknights) and $115/night (weekends) in their standard accommodation (Standard Suite). ***Prices may be subject to change based on season, day of the week, and holidays.***

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