Saturday, May 10, 2014

Museum Campus of Chicago

A picturesque, pedestrian-friendly paradise, this small corner of Grant Park is the perfect place to spend a day, or three. Situated on beautiful Lake Michigan, surrounded by lush green landscaping; the three nationally recognised museums make this area of Chicago hard to beat for out-of-towners and locals alike.
Picture perfect city and lake views from one of the Museum Campus' many open areas.

A tourist and locals perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago, the Museum Campus literally offers something for everyone. The outdoor scenery provides the perfect backdrop to a picnic or walk along the stunning Lake Michigan, while the three very different museums can appeal to kids of all ages (that includes adults) no matter where their interests lie. But why limit yourself to just one museum when you could see all three of these well put together, beautiful, and fun museums and for a discount when you work in education, are a college student, or buy the Chicago Citypass.

1. Field Museum of Natural History
One of the largest Natural History museums in the world, the Field has a wide variety of fantastic permanent exhibit as well as fascinating and exotic visiting exhibitions.
With a museum that is so large, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. With exhibits spanning the ages and covering everything from dinosaurs to mummies to the 1893 Chicago World Fair, you could easily spend an entire day just wandering around and taking it all in.

1400 S. Lakeshore Dr. Chicago, IL - USA - 60605

2. Shedd's Aquarium
Once the largest aquarium in the world, Shedd's offers an in-depth look into life under the sea in all regions of the world. Between the basic exhibits and the interactive penguin encounters, there is always something new to do every time you visit.
The basic ticket covers the main floor where there are many different types of fish from around the world. If you are looking for a truly memorable experience, you will, however, need to spring for a more expensive ticket. With the higher level tickets you'll gain access to the amazing water shows, the shark reef, and much more! There for a special occasion? The penguin encounter would be an amazing surprise for that lucky someone!

1200 S. Lakeshore Dr. Chicago, IL - USA - 60605

3. Adler Planetarium
The United States' first planetarium and a National Historic Site, Adler Planetarium shows visitors the depths of the different solar systems, galaxies, and universes. Featuring 3 theaters, the Adler Planetarium puts on a large variety of shows all day long, enough to keep even the busiest of minds occupied for an entire day.
There are so many shows that it's hard to narrow down exactly what to see. Interested in constellations and the stars that are blocked out by light pollution in Chicago? Then Night Sky Live is for you! An interactive walk through our solar system and an astronomy lesson that anyone can understand and enjoy, it's both educational and exciting! Looking for something a little more fast paced? Try out Cosmic Wonder or Welcome to the Universe and you won't be disappointed.
Adler Planetarium Infrared Telescope Exhibit

1300 S. Lakeshore Dr. Chicago, IL - USA - 60605

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