Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hello World!

We decided to start this blog after seeing all of the other travel blogs out there for couples. We love to travel and are currently living in Brazil!

Here's a little bit about us...

Jessica: American. 20 years old. Student. San Diego State University. Linguistics and Anthropology. Portuguese. Universidade de São Paulo. Born in Plymouth, MI, USA. Living in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil with Luiz. Loves Photography. Loves to Travel.

Luiz: Brazilian. 19 years old. Student. International Relations. Hard worker at Hamburg Sud. Born in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Living in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Lived in Canton, MI, USA for 1 year (did High School foreign exchange). Loves to Travel. Loves cars.

Our Story:
We met when Luiz was in the second half of his foreign exchange program in Michigan through a mutual friend whom he asked to prom. Within days we were best friends and felt like we had known each other forever. We started hanging out every single day after school and were talking nonstop. About a month before Luiz was going to be heading back to Brazil we started dating. Since he was going to be leaving so soon and we were still in the beginning of our relationship I decided that I had to find a way to go to Brazil with him. After a crazy two weeks I had done the impossible and I was on my first international flight heading to São Paulo, Brazil. As that amazing summer spent in Brazil came to a close I had to go back to the USA to start college at San Diego State University and unfortunately that left us in a long distance relationship for over a year. In June 2012, after my first year of college was over, I was hopping back on a plane to Brazil to start a one year (which has now turned in to two years) study abroad program in Brazil as well as many adventures with Luiz.

Our plans for the future are to travel the world together and see as much as possible since it is a passion that we share.


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