Sunday, September 22, 2013

São Paulo

Hello all! We just updated our São Paulo page to give you all some basic information for now but we will definitely be adding more content and details (including pictures and links) over the next week! For now, here are some of our favorite places and a basic description of each. To keep up with all of the additions, keep checking out our São Paulo page!

xo Jessica

São Paulo: According to Wikipedia (which of course is ALWAYS right, joking) São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, the largest city proper in the Southern Hemisphere and the Americas and the world's 7th largest city by population. In order words, IT IS HUGE! 

We live about an hour away by bus from São Paulo and Jessica studies there 2+ days a week making the commute starting at 7am most days, 4:30am other days. Since we live so close, we go often to spend the weekend and check out all of the new things and events going on.

Here are some of our favorite things to do:

Parque do Ibirapuera- A huge park in the middle of São Paulo’s expansive metropolitan, Parque do Ibirapuera (Ih-bear-ah-poo-air-ah) is where all of the locals go on the weekends to unwind and enjoy the weather. Every day you will see people running, skateboarding, biking, etc. all throughout the park. Lining the sidewalks are stands offering cold coconuts to be cut open with a machete for patrons to drink the sweet coconut water inside as a refreshing, healthy alternative to canned sodas. Within the park, there are also museums and auditoriums that always have different events and exhibitions going on. 

Liberdade- Liberdade is São Paulo's version of a China Town or Little Japan. Its streets are lined with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants with decent prices and great food. On weekends, there are street markets with homemade goods and fresh fruit that is very popular with the locals making it very crowded but definitely worth the trip. 

Avenida Paulista- For anyone that loves to people watch, Avenida Paulista is where you want to be! The central business area and one of the busiest streets in the country there is always something going on. During the weekdays, most people are going to, from work stopping into restaurants and shops periodically as their breaks come, and go. On weekends and at night on weekdays street performers line the streets, there are craft markets, food stands and a lot of live music.

Rua Augusta- Rua Augusta is a hip street right off of Avenida Paulista (sort of, by where the metro station Consolação comes out). All along the street are boutique restaurants, cafes, and stores. 

Starbucks- What?! We miss those Chai Tea Lattes and Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino and Starbucks are all over Avenida Paulista. I can count four off the top of my head but if anyone is ever craving some Starbucks and are vacation in the São Paulo area, the best one is right off of Avenida Paulista by the metro station Trianon Masp on a street called Alameada Santos.

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