Tuesday, December 3, 2013

San Diego Zoo

One of the biggest zoological associations in the world, the San Diego Zoo is not just your average zoo. Filled with more than 3,700 species roaming about in habitats specifically made to be more natural and provide a better living for the animals, the San Diego Zoo will not have you leaving disappointed and feeling sorry for the cooped up wildlife.

With so many animals, the zoo is large and it is recommended that one spends an entire day walking around in order to see almost everything. Located in the Balboa Park area next to many of San Diego's museums, the zoo is easily accessible by both public transportation and car from anywhere in San Diego and is the perfect place to spend a day or two walking around. 
When you first walk into the zoo you feel as though you have been swept into a different place. In front of you is the entrance to the monkey area, filled with trees and roaming peacocks. To the right is the gift store, and to the left is a stage for live demonstrations and informational presentations about different animals that changes every day and every hour as well as the entrance to the "skyfari", San Diego zoo's aerial safari that takes you above and across the park.
Home to many endangered species, San Diego zoo lets you get up close with some magnificent animals. One of their biggest attractions is their Panda Canyon where they have a couple of Giant Pandas, a couple of which are still very young and were born in San Diego. 
The zoo is also home to two 4-D theaters (currently showing Rio in the front of the park and the Ice Age films in the back of the park by the Polar Bears), an ampitheater, various cafes and restaurants, aviaries, a playground, and a petting zoo. 
A one-day pass for the San Diego zoo is $44 for adults (12+) and $34 for children under 12. If you would like to spend more time at the zoo or are also planning on going to the Safari Park or Seaworld, you can buy a 3-for-1 pass which includes unlimited entry into all 3 parks within a 7 day time period. Prices for this pass are $143 for adults (10+) and $113 for kids aged 3-9. 

For more information on the San Diego zoo check out their website here.

For some pictures from Jessica's trip to the zoo (where she had to observe various monkeys and apes for an Anthropology research paper), see below!


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