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Hotel Mela New York City Times Square Review

On my trip to New York City, I was all about the budget hotels so when I found the Hotel Mela on groupon I couldn't wait for my one night stay. A modern and sophisticated boutique hotel located 1/2 a block from Times Square, Hotel Mela was a hidden treasure right in the heart of Manhattan.

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Hotel Mela is a small boutique hotel with a central location to New York City's top tourist destinations. Featuring 230 guest rooms and suites, the Hotel Mela screams modern and sophisticated. Styled with a nod toward New York City's vibrant Italian neighborhoods, the entire hotel is decorated with bright colors and chic furniture both in the lobby and in the rooms.


Upon arriving at the Hotel Mela, I was informed that they had been sold out the night before and would not be able to let me check-in early (I arrived at LaGuardia around 7:30am and at the hotel around 9am) but they could allow me to store my weekender bag in their locked luggage storage room until later that day when rooms became available. Since I was planning on heading out right away, this was not a problem and I was impressed at how kind and helpful the staff was before I was even able to check-in.


Once I was able to check-in later that afternoon, I was handed my keys to my room on the 9th floor. My first impression of the hotel was that it was very clean and modern and the room did not disappoint. The one thing about the room that was a bit of a let down was the size. The basic room is small, by small I mean that there is about 2 feet of walking space around the bed. I wasn't too bothered by this fact seeing as it was just my sister and I but had we had suitcases or more people/bigger people, the size probably would have been a problem. Since the room was small the bed was also smaller than I had imagined. If you are tall or two full grown adults, you might want to spring for one of the higher class rooms at this hotel since it was a tight but still comfortable squeeze. 


That being said, I loved this hotel! The rooms were spotless and modern featuring a mini-fridge, snack bar, closet, drawers, etc. which made up for the size. The halls and rooms were quiet and peaceful allowing for relaxation and sleep. The business center does charge for the use of the computers but it is free to print off boarding passes which was helpful. Although the fitness center is under construction they still have a few cardio machines available for use. 


Our recommendation: If you are a solo traveler this hotel is perfect. With it's central location on a safe street, it is ideal for getting around the city. The rooms are clean and comfortable offering many amenities for a very enjoyable stay (including complimentary in-room wi-fi). Even with two people we found this hotel to be a great value and next time we would be willing to pay a little bit more for a bigger room as long as we got to stay in this hotel. However, if you are a larger group or are looking for more space, I would advise you to book a bigger room (one of their suites) or stay elsewhere. Even though this hotel is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, it was a very small room for two young adults and would not have been a good fit had we been traveling with a lot of luggage or more people. 

120 West 44th Street New York, NY - USA- 10036
Reservations: By Phone: +1(855)765-2211 Online: website
Price per night: Through groupon I paid about $140/night including all taxes and fees. If you book through their website, prices start around $190/night (but you can take advantage of their super saver booking discount which can give you more than $50 off per night depending on the room type). 

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