Friday, February 20, 2015

Tips for using AirBnB in Paris

AirBnB can sometimes be a difficult site to use with seemingly endless options of private apartments, rooms, and townhouses spread out across some of the world's top tourist destinations. When we first started planning our trip to Paris we checked out hotels and found nothing that really spoke to us. Having always wanted to try AirBnb we searched tirelessly to find the perfect place for our one week long Parisian getaway.

To begin our search we started by filtering down the choices by cost, location, and dates. Since we knew little to nothing about the different between the different arrondissements of Paris we turned to our two, very good, Parisian friends for advice which we will now share with you...

Le Louvre- Close enough to everything touristy in Paris, this region has the big museums and the expensive shopping avenues that can turn any average Parisian vacation into a trip filled with shopping sprees alongside the rich and famous.

Saint Germain des Pres- A little further away from the main hotspots, Sain Germain des Pres is a location that should not be overlooked. With just a short ride on the metro, or a leisurely stroll, this quiet neighborhood will have you at all the main attractions within minutes.

Tour Eiffel-Champs Elysees- Right in the heart of the "City of Love", staying in this region could have you falling asleep with the eiffel tower twinkling behind your eyelids.

Once we had narrowed our search down to look for an entire apartment (not just a room rental), in one of the three arrondissements above, and under $150, we were still overwhelmed with options. Luckily, airbnb offers a wide assortment of other filters for various amenities.

Eventually, we found our Parisian home away from home. A cute litle duplex apartment located one block from the Love Lock Bridge and two blocks from the main avenue in Saint Germain des Pres. The location couldn't have been better for exploring Paris by foot with the eiffel tower down the Seine, the Louvre across the Love Lock bridge, and Notre Dame a few blocks in the opposite direction.

Our host, Geraldine was out of town but still made sure that our stay was comfortable and that we were able to check in and out of the apartment at our convenience. The wifi was great and with a small kitchen we were able to cook at the apartment some nights and enjoy wine and baguettes from the store down the street.

The best part about using AirBnb? It allows you to feel as though you are living in that country even if you are only passing through. You really get to know the area around the apartment and the culture of the city better than if you were to stay in a hotel.

We look forward to using AirBnB for our future trips overseas and maybe even here in the USA!

Helpful Hint: Book early! After waiting to book much longer than we should have, some of our original top picks were booked making it a race to get a decently priced AirBnB in the area that we wanted.

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