Friday, March 6, 2015

48 hours in Munich, Germany

When trying to plan our trip we had a hard time trying to figure out how many days to spend in each city since we had such a short amount of time to divide up. Unfortunately, that meant cutting our time in Munich, our stopover point between Paris and Prague, down to just 48 hours.With such a tight window to fit everything in that we wanted to see in Munich, we narrowed down a list of all of the things that we couldn't to miss so that we could make the most of our time.

Day 1-
Nymphenburg Castle: Start your day off with a walk around Munich's famous castle, the Nymphenburg Castle. Conveniently located right by our hotel, the Laimer Hof, we stopped for breakfast at a local bakery before heading off for a walk around the beautiful grounds of the castle.

Hirschgarten: The biggest beer garden in the world, Hirschgarten is the perfect place for lunch after visiting Nymphenburg Castle. Only a few blocks away, it is within walking distance and features typical Bavarian cuisine. To make this restaurant even better, everything is caught locally by employees and is made in house.

BMW Welt and Museum: Every car enthusiasts ideal museum outing, the BMW Welt and Museum will take you on a journey through time as you look at the cars that made BMW into the powerhouse manufacturer that we all know and love today. (Helpful Hint: Make sure to check online for hours or call ahead as some days they close for private events.)

Olympia Park: Just a walk across a bridge from the BMW Welt and Museum, Olympia Park is Munich's own sporting masterpiece built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Although it is mostly used for events such as concerts these days, visitors can still take the elevator ride up the tower for some of the best views one can get of Munich.

Day 2-
Marienplatz: With so many shops, historic sites, and museums, it's hard to narrow your time in Marienplatz down to just a single morning. Located in the historic heart of the city, it's easy to get lost and locals sometimes even recommended doing just that as you wonder through the small, winding streets branching off from the central square.

Hofbrauhaus: The pioneer of Bavarian beer, Hofbrauhaus is a can't miss destination for any visitor to the city, especially all of your beer enthusiasts out there. With pretzels the size of your face and beer galore, just sitting in the grand hall and making friends with strangers from around the world is an experience in itself.

English Gardens: After filling up on Bavarian beer, sausage, and pretzels, the English Gardens is the perfect place to get some fresh air and walk off those pounds that you've put on since arriving in Munich only 24 hours prior. Better yet, while there rent a bike if the weather is nice so that you can cover more ground and see all of this gigantic reprieve from the city life.

Have any of you ever been to Munich? What are your can't miss destinations?

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